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For those keen on bringing a modern air and stylishness into their bedrooms, we are happy to recommend washed cotton from which we manufacture bed linen which makes every day sleeping a joy.

We use only 100% washed cotton percale. Percale is a type of weave known for its firm, smooth, matte-finish look, which is in this case additionally washed prior to use. During the process, the fabric is washed with natural and artificial stones so that this completely new fabric would get the properties of soft and flexible looking cotton.

The result is a comfortable and durable bed linen with slightly washed out, vintage colour which at the same time looks modern and feels pleasant to touch. The fabric softness increases with every wash and it feels light and breathable year-round. The gentleness of washed cotton bed linen makes you want to stay wrapped up in its cuddly embrace.

The material is easy to clean. It is intended for everyday use, suitable for machine washing and drying, as every new wash gives it additional charm and gentle feel. Washing with similar colours is recommended, and darker fabrics should not be dried at direct sunlight to prevent colour fading. Does not require iron finish because the natural and slightly wrinkled look of this fabric gives it a special charm that lightens up every bedroom.

Bedding made from washed cotton is like your safe haven in which you can rest and relax all day and have sweet dreams at night.  Zorya washed cotton bedding is for those who enjoy the luxury of natural materials.