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For centuries now top quality cotton varieties have been grown in Egypt in the wet and fertile Nile Delta. Thanks to ideal growing conditions, Giza cotton is particularly famous for its quality and it is righteously considered the best cotton in the world. Giza cotton of superb quality makes only a small percentage of total Egyptian cotton production and it is renowned for its fineness and even, elongated, silky fibres.

For manufacturing luxurious Zorya bedclothes we select only supreme fabric such as 100% pure Giza cotton as this is considered a classic “evergreen” among fabrics.

Giza cotton bedding is an excellent choice for all seasons as this natural material gives cool and fresh feeling of lightness in summer, while in winter you are tucked into its gentle warmth, as its softness guarantees comfort and a good night’s sleep.

Although gentle and smooth, Giza cotton fibres are very strong and extremely durable, so bedding made of this fine material is long-lasting, colour-fast and intended for a long-term use.

The bedding can be machine-washed with hot water by selecting lower spin speed. Do not use bleach as it can damage the fabric and make it turn yellow, and fabric conditioners are not recommended either. Please wash dark colours separately. For machine drying choose lower temperatures and take out the linen while still moist. Use cotton option when ironing in order to restore the shine.

Zorya bed linen made of Giza cotton of exquisite quality is intended for those who enjoy luxurious fabric and who want to feel like royalty between the bed sheets as they turn your bedroom into your own piece of heaven.